Oasis is a global organisation with a vision for community where everyone is included. We are working to support and empower people to thrive. In all that we do, we seek to bring inclusion, opportunity and transformation so that everyone is able to make a contribution and reach their God-given potential.

What we do

As an organisation we are involved in a diverse range of partnerships, projects, services and initiatives. Our aim is to provide these and much more as part of our holistic Hub approach.

Where we work

Oasis has bases in 11 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.  All around the world, we are committed to working alongside local people to help develop
opportunities and communities.

Chipo (20) has an older brother and younger sister, and lives in a high-density, very poor area of Harare called Epworth.  Chipo’s father was unemployed, so she was only able to complete her read more


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