Almost 300 rescued from Bangalore’s begging industry

Almost 300 rescued from Bangalore’s begging industry 

India is one of the 11 countries Oasis currently operates in. Oasis has 6 community hubs in India, providing education, information, advice, healthcare, and so much more for adults and children alike.

As well as the incredible array of services the hubs offer to the community, Oasis India also runs four anti human trafficking (AHT) programmes. The AHT division works closely with local police departments in Mumbai and Bangalore to investigate suspected cases of trafficking. 

Oasis India took part in a recent operation to rescue those forced into begging on the streets.

On Thursday 6th August, Oasis India joined forces with several NGOs and the Central Crime Branch of Bangalore Police Force, to conduct a citywide rescue operation.

The aim was to rescue children and adults illegally forced into begging on the streets, by who DNA, an Indian Broadsheet paper, describe as ‘the beggary mafia’.

The begging industry exposes children and adults to a harsh street life where they often go cold and hungry. If they don’t reach the target of money to bring in for the day, they’re likely to be the subjects of beating and torture. Even before they’re forced onto the streets, children are subjected to some inexcusable acts of torture.

In order to gain as much sympathy as possible, and therefore bring in as much money as possible for the ‘beggary lords’, children are often ‘disfigured’ by removing limbs and being partially blinded – all in an attempt to attract sympathy.

The Oasis India staff were divided into 3 teams for the operation and each of them did a fantastic job in helping to rescue those forced into begging and child labour:

            -Team 1 rescued 7 children and 5 adults

            -Team 2 rescued 8 children and 7 adults

            -Team 3 rescued another 6 children and 6 adults

Team 1 then headed to a shelter home that evening to ensure that everyone was settled in a safe location for the night. Follow-ups are now continuing and rehabilitation plans are being put into place for all of those rescued.

An incredible operation by the team in India. Throughout the city, the operation picked up a total of 284 people, rescuing and as a result improving the lives and community of so many.

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