Oasis Global Modern Slavery Statement


Oasis Global (legally known as Oasis International Association) is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 9 countries around the world delivering a range of projects and services that help tackle social injustice in whatever form it manifests itself. Through our models of integrated work, we seek to create a new sense of neighbourhood in communities that had previously been forgotten by society so that everyone, regardless of their background and starting point, can join together to overcome life’s hurdles and reach their God-given potential

Oasis Global’s legal responsibility is as the parent organisation of the Oasis Group in the UK, operating through its 3 direct subsidiaries (Oasis Charitable Trust, Oasis International Foundation and STOP THE TRAFFIK). In turn, Oasis Charitable Trust has 4 direct subsidiaries and the relevant details of all these are given below. In addition, it gives oversight of the other 8 countries through a non-legal but governance binding Working Agreement.

Oasis Global Legal Structure

The information given below was correct as at 1st February 2019, with the financial information taken from the 2016/17 accounts (the latest audited accounts available at this time).

Oasis International Association (OIA): OIA has 5 employees. It operates as the parent company of the Oasis Group and supports the work in the 8 other countries. As an entity it had an income of £658k.

Oasis International Foundation: The Foundation has no employees or volunteers and serves as the public face of Oasis, including our main fundraising activities. It was only formed in 2016 and had not done any work during the accounting period.

Stop the Traffik (STT): STT has 8 staff and works to stop human trafficking globally. It had an income of £272k.

Oasis Charitable Trust: This exists to oversee the work of ‘Oasis UK’ and has 30 employees. It generated an income of £1.4 million. It has 4 subsidiaries it is responsible for:

  1. Oasis Community Learning (OCL) – we run over 50 Academies and had an income of around £201m and represents 98% of the consolidated accounts. OCL employees 4649 staff
  2. Oasis Community Partnerships (OCP) and its subsidiaries – we have over 30 ‘hubs’ usually centred around the Academies where we carry out integrated community work. OCP had an annual income of around £1.8m and employs 57 staff.
  3. Oasis College of Higher Education (OCHE) – we have a college delivering accredited courses, including honours degrees. OCHE had an income of £426k and employs 11 staff.
  4. Oasis Aquila Housing (OAH) – we have social housing and homeless work through OAH. OAH had an income of £2.5m and employs 66 staff.

Our commitment

We believe Human trafficking and modern slavery are truly global issues. Our goal is to build resilient communities, by turning them into places where it is harder for traffickers to hide their activities and their victims, a responsibility we take seriously. Having analysed our diverse work, we believe our highest risk area is within Oasis Community Learning (OCL – a subsidiary of Oasis Charitable Trust) as it employs the most people, has the most direct access to the communities we work through the students and is of a financial size to have the most significant numbers of suppliers. That being the case we have adopted the Modern Slavery Statement as published by OCL and will be ensuring it considers and manages it’s procurement and supply chains, its risks, it’s policies and training needs in the context of human trafficking and modern slavery. On completion of this work we will be considering other subsidiaries.