Oasis Mozambique

Infant mortality is extremely high in the Manga area of Beira. At the Manga LoForte hub, Oasis Mozambique focuses on reducing infant mortality through improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene.

Much of the work is done through 96 “mother leaders” who each educate a further 12 neighbours. In the 2013 monsoon season, there were no cases of Cholera reported in the community.

This hub reflects the integrated nature of the community work of Oasis.  The vast range of the hub’s activities include after-school homework clubs, teaching life skills and raising awareness of HIV and AIDS.

Oasis Mozambique operates a diverse range of exciting projects which include:

WASH Project

(Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) – As a direct response to high child mortality rates in Manga Loforte, Oasis has launched an initiative to improve health care and protect lives by sharing knowledge and providing education.  By utilising the widely known ‘Care Group’ approach, a small group of volunteer women – known as ‘Change Agents’ – receive regular training, supervision and mentoring on health promotion, home based care and disease prevention and management.  E ach member of this group then visits 10-12 neighbourhoods on a regular basis, embedding preventative practises to over 1,200 households a week.

Livelihood improvement

By enrolling them on courses that will help them to secure employment or start a small business, Oasis Mozambique gives young people the opportunity to participate in life skills programmes aimed at restoring their dignity.  Oasis Mozambique is passionate about helping young people to discover, develop and deploy their unique talents and abilities. Teaching specialised skills and running dynamic internship programmes are a huge part of the work that they do, all of which is geared towards helping the young people become effective ‘Change Agents’ in their communities.  Currently, the youth work is not funded and all the work is done on an informal basis.

Grinding Mill social enterprise

Just 20KMs away from the Wash project in Manga Loforte, Oasis Mozambique has pioneered the Grinding Mill social enterprise in the farming community of Ngupa.