Oasis South Africa

Oasis South Africa was officially launched in 2006.

Now our team here is developing hubs in poor communities in Johannesburg, Grahamstown and Hartswater. These hubs seek to improve education outcomes for children, youth employability, and the health of people in these communities. Work is also done to facilitate community forums and train leaders to create partnerships that will create long-term, sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty. Commercial sex workers (many from Zimbabwe) are supported through the Greenlight project.

Oasis hubs in South Africa provide a wide range of services including:

Change Agents

Rallying together small groups of people and equipping them with the tools they need to transform the communities in which they live, Oasis challenges its Change Agents to be intentional about their own personal development and growth. Change Agents offers a training programme for young people and gives them opportunities to gain the skills required for entry-level employment, while serving their communities by running projects for children such as afterschool homework clubs, sports activities as well as cultural workshops.


Every year, bursaries are awarded to the most promising students, enabling them to take that all important next step study towards a formal teaching qualification, while mentoring the next year’s intake of young people and volunteering at local schools.

Alongside the aforementioned projects, Oasis Change Agents have set up a community clinic, a home-based care programme for the terminally ill, a social enterprise manufacturing healthy peanut butter, as well as providing high quality health care and a leadership programme designed to help equip and influence emerging and established community and church leaders.

Oasis South Africa Team