Oasis Uganda

Oasis in Uganda started in 2001 in Kampala, to prevent vulnerable girls from slums ending up on the streets and being exploited.

This focus has since expanded to assist in the creation of thriving communities through health, education and IT training, as well as income generating groups. Oasis has hubs in three Ugandan locations: Kampala the capital, Pader in the north of the country, and Mbale in the East. Within these three communities Oasis provide holistic care including Health and Wellbeing, Livelihoods, Family Empowerment and Education and run multiple projects designed to support the whole community. These include:

Community support services

Oasis supports the communities that it works in by leading a savings and loans group, social services, computer and literacy classes and catch-up classes to deter children from dropping out of school and for those who left formal education prematurely and need support in re-joining.

Football club

The charity runs a very successful football programme which reaches over 130 children and young men in Mbale. Beersheba FC is also in the national league!

HIV awareness and prevention

Initiatives to combat HIV by raising awareness include a teacher training programme to help schools improve their teaching methods.  A maternal health programme also helps mothers give birth safely, whilst providing child rearing information and training.


Excitingly, Oasis is also working to open a school in Mbale which will provide an exemplary education to children in the local villages.