Oasis Hubs

We are pioneering a model for bringing our vision of flourishing, inclusive communities a step closer to reality.  We call that model Hub.

Hub is a model designed to benefit the whole person and the whole community.  It is not an academic model.  It is theology in action.qq

In some cases, Hub activities are specific services that we provide; in other cases they are initiatives within the community that we have helped birth or strengthen.

Given the breadth of communities we serve, there is a huge variety in the activities within our Hubs – from foodbanks to sexual health awareness programmes.  But in each case they are tailored to meet the community’s needs.

We build and nurture long-term, lasting relationships within the communities in which we work. We know that lasting change only occurs as people own change for themselves. We continually strive for those who live in the community to feel empowered to take initiative and to hold ownership of all that happens.

Outreach projects

Our work within communities is essential for ensuring people reach their God-given potential. But what about those excluded from communities?

From trafficked Tai women in Belgium to victims of abuse, we provide a range of initiatives that work to help meet people’s immediate need and reintegrate them into communities.

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