Oasis and Cylone Idai – Second Cyclone Hits Mozambique

In mid-March we asked Oasis supporters for help.  A cyclone had devastated the city of Beira in Mozambique, a place where Oasis runs a vital water hygiene programme.

The team on the ground instantly mobilised and started to help people rebuild their lives.  As Armando explains in the film, thanks to money urgently donated by Oasis supporters, we were able to make a real difference to lives that had been torn apart by the disaster.

This video was intended as an update and a thank you.  It still serves that purpose.  However, tragically, between recording this video and posting it, another Cyclone – underwhelmingly named ‘Cyclone Kenneth’ – has once again hit Mozambique bringing devastation and flooding in the north of the country. According to the UN, another huge aid effort is required, further stretching limited resources.

And in that spirit, we are asking our supporters again for help. The success of our work to support Beira communities has only been possible because we already had a team in place, rooted in the communities. We need to ensure that our Oasis teams – not just in Mozambique but around the world – have the inbuilt resilience and infrastructure to meet immediate and ongoing need in the communities in which we are embedded.

Please give to the work of Oasis in helping rebuild lives and empowering as many people as possible around the world reach their God-given potential.

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